Friesovy boudy

č.p. 94, 54352 Strážné

tel: 607 727 201
e-mail: info@friesovy-boudy.cz


Terms and conditions

When ordering your stay is required 50% deposit of the total price of services.

Each guest may cancel his stay in written form, to determine the date when the cancellation is decisive receipt of written notice (or e-mail) of the cancellation.

When canceling the stay from the guest side the following cancellation fees from backup services prices are applied:

20 or more days before starting the accommodation - 50%

20-0 days before starting the accommodation - 100%

When ordering cottage for group of 13 members and more we charge for renting the whole chalet.

If it is accommodated fewer people tnah has been ordered, the cancellation fee for each absent person are applied.

By paying of the deposit invoice the client agrees with our terms and cancellation conditions.

The client is obliged to pay the rest of the payment for accommodation during the stay.

In the event of termination by the customer during recreation is paymant non-refundable.

Transportation of passengers and luggage is included only for weekly stays. For shorter stays the price is calculated as a flat rate.