Friesovy boudy

č.p. 94, 54352 Strážné

tel: 607 727 201
e-mail: info@friesovy-boudy.cz


Krkonoše and surroundings

Thanks to the altitude (1200 m) are around Friesovy Boudy excellent snow conditions for winter sports (skiing) until the beginning of May - Downhill skiing on own slope, cross-country skiing on perfectly prepared cross-country tracks which are in the area countless thanks to its location at the crossroads of Spindleruv Mlyn and Pec pod Sněžkou.

The summer months are ideal for lovers of mountain bikes or hiking.

The highest mountain in the Czech Republic Snežka is just 9 km away from Friesovy Boudy.


Cross-country skiing


Krkonoše Cross- country Ski Magistrale, which is passing Friesovy Boudy, offers ideal conditions for cross-country skiers. Altitude of 1227 meters provides an ideal snow conditions until spring season.

Downhill Skiiing

With downhill skis is very simple in our area: just come out of the door, put on your ski and ride. The ski slope passes through the whole Friesovy Boudy chalets and has a length of 790 m and elevation of 127 m. To the top of the slope will take you a lift with a capacity of 680 skiers per hour.


Small snow park is bulit on the slope and the area around the slope offers also space for freefide.

Ski Touring

The resort is an ideal starting point for hikes on the whole Krkonoše Mountain ridges.


For fans of MTB we are owners of certification Cyclists welcome (National standard of quality tourism services for bikers and cyclists) and the hut is situated about 1 km from Krkonoše Mountain biking trails.