Friesovy boudy

č.p. 94, 54352 Strážné

tel: 607 727 201
e-mail: info@friesovy-boudy.cz



Favorite targets and tracks:




Hiking trails

The surrounding area of Friesovy Boudy are several hikingtrails. For example, the blue hiking trail leads directly next to the hut towards Spindleruv Mlyn, or you can join the red tourist trail in the direction to Sněžka. It is easy to get to the Black Mountain, to Janske Lazne and also to the Pec pod Sněžku by connecting the blue trail. By hiking the red trail you can also visit Vrchlabí and there you can connect to other trails that which lead to a wide area as a Žalý Benecko (the yellow line) or to the Dolní Dvůr and Pec pod Sněžkou (the blue line).



Nordic Walking

Around Friesovy Boudy you can do nordic walking all year round, anywhere and in all age and ability groups because of its sporting level can very easily customize their own sports level. From classic walking becomes a free extra special effort and demands on equipment highly efficient total body workout.